Elaeocarpus eumundii

Eumundi Quandong or Smooth-leaved Quandong

Typical mature height: 8m (maximum 3m breadth)

Useful in: evergreen screen, planter boxes 

Sites for best growth: deep fertile well – drained soils, full sun to part shade, frost free.

Eribotrya deflexa

Bronze Loquat

Typical mature height: 5m in Melbourne

Useful in: Parks, reserves, streetscapes 

Sites for best growth: Well-drained sites

Eucalyptus kitsoniana

Gippsland Mallee

Typical mature height: 5-8m in Melbourne

Useful in: streetscapes, planter boxes, freeways 

Sites for best growth: most, including waterlogged

Fraxinus ornus

Flowering Ash

Typical mature height: to 10m

Useful in: parks, broad streetscapes 

Sites for best growth: well drained, irrigated