Acer campestre
Family: Sapindaceae
Common name:  Field Maple, Hedge Maple

This attractive, small to medium deciduous maple from Europe and North Africa, exhibits good tolerance to heat, drought, urban conditions and alkaline soils. Acer campestre is a tree with a lovely dense, rounded habit and responds very well to prunning (hence the common name of Hedge Maple).

There is a planting of A. campestre just outside of Kyneton Victoria that receives no summer irrigation. The trees appear healthy, and don’t suffer from any pests. The autumn foliage colour is not arresting—most often it is a dull gold colour in mid-May.

This is another small maple that should be considered for growth on many sites, including those under powerlines.


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Typical mature height: 10-12m

Useful in: narrow sites, streetscapes

Sites for best growth: suitable for fairly dry sites