Angophora hispida
Family: Myrtaceae
Common name:  Dwarf Apple

Angophora hispida is the smallest growing member of this genus. Like many plants growing between 6 and 10 metres, it can be trained either as a multi-stemmed shrub or as a single-trunked small tree. At Metropolitan Tree Growers, all of our A. hispida will be trained as small trees.

A. hispida grows in the Sydney sandstone area, in open woodlands. It tolerates a wide variety of soils, and will tolerate some coastal exposure. Like the other Angophoras, it will not tolerate frost until over 1.5m in height.

In the landscape, you can recognise A. hispida by its extremely hairy young stems and new foliage. The trunk is also notable: it has flaky, grey to grey-brown strips of bark that can be found throughout the tree. The flowers are borne in dense terminal clusters in summer, and these white-to-cream flowers are strongly bird-attracting.

Although widely used further north, A. hispida is only occasionally seen in the Melbourne environs. We consider that this tree would be another excellent choice for use under powerlines or where space is limited.

Typical mature height:  8m

Useful in: restricted space streetscapes 

Sites for best growth: all with free drainage