Banksia ‘Giant Candles’
Family: Proteaceae
Common name: Giant Candles Banksia

Banksia ‘Giant Candles’ is a selection of a naturally-occurring hybrid between B. ericifolia and B. spinulosa. It is well-known for its extremely large flower spikes which easily can become 40cm long. The flowers are deep bronzy-orange and will be showy from late autumn through winter.

B. ‘Giant Candles’ normally is seen as a large shrub with many basal branches. This gives a form that is equally-broad-as-tall. If grown on a few basal stems, B. ‘Giant Candles’ can become a small tree with a spreading canopy to 5m. It will suit many locations, especially in areas where bush gardens are typical. It will also serve as an excellent display plant for public buildings, where an Australian plant is suitable, and where a dense canopy is inappropriate.

B. ‘Giant Candles’ will grow in most well-drained soils, and will flower most profusely if grown in full sun. It will grow up to 800mm per year if in an ideal site with fortnightly summer irrigation, but will tolerate sites where irrigation is limited. It will not produce a heavy canopy, but will produce about 30% shade under its evergreen foliage.

Stock of B. ‘Giant Candles’ is produced from cuttings, and will give constant, clonal dependability. Its growth form is determined by nursery production, and can be an interesting Australian display plant.

Typical mature height: to 5m
Useful in: streetscapes, as display
Sites for best growth: all well-drained, in full sun