Banksia marginata
Family: Proteaceae
Common name: Silver Banksia

Banksia marginata is one of the most variable banksias found in south-eastern Australia: variable in habitat, from coastal to upland forests; variable in size, from 1 to 10 metres; variable in flowering, from elegant to stunted; and variable in geography, extending from central New South Wales through Victoria and Tasmania to central South Australia.

B. marginata does have some characteristics found throughout the species: it always has finely-toothed long foliage with a dark green upper surface and a silvery reverse; it is not tolerant of high-phosphorus soils or waterlogging; and it tends to be tolerant of dry soils. In most situations, it can form a dense shrub that will flourish in full sun to semi-shade with flowering from early spring through to autumn.

Our B. marginata are grown from seed, with local provenances used. At Metropolitan Tree Growers, we prune all Banksias to have a single dominant stem, so these plants are suitable for use as small street trees. B. marginata makes another fine addition to the range of small, Australian plants that can be used in limited streetscapes as well as a display plant.

Typical mature height: MTG provenances 5-8m
Useful in: streetscapes, as display
Sites for best growth: all well-drained, in full sun to semi-shade