Brachychiton populneus
Family: Malvaceae
Common name: Kurrajong Bottle Tree

The Kurrajong is described as a tree found in humid and semi arid areas in Australia. Trees tend to thrive in natural habitats located along seasonal watercourses where larger growth rates will be obtained.

The Kurrajong is particularly noted for an upright habit of growth and slightly swollen tapered trunk. This tree has distinctive glossy green foliage consisting of medium sized leaves. It may be evergreen or semi – evergreen.

Flowers are creamy white with a rose colour inside or red – flecked colour and are borne in Spring. A distinctive characteristic is also the presence of large clusters of woody seedpods often with gold coloured seeds exposed in summer. This tree is often planted as a street tree in coastal and inland areas tolerating hot arid conditions. Also planted as a shade and fodder plant for stock in areas subject to drought.

For those that live in the Hawthorn area of Melbourne, the rear of the Coles Car Park in Glenferrie Rd, can be seen some excellent plantings in pavement cut-outs. Specimens can also be seen in the Murrumbidgee area, in Canberra in Tasmania Circle, Edinburgh Gardens (Fitzroy) and the Treasury Gardens (Melbourne).

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Typical mature height: 5- 15 m
Useful in: parks, carparks, nature strips.
Sites for best growth: High – low fertile soils, good drainage.