Ceratonia siliqua
Family: Fabaceae
Common name: Carob or St John’s Bread

Where most other trees will struggle, this tree will thrive in the harshest environments. A useful dark green foliaged tree for many streetscapes and major roads within low rainfall areas. When mature it will cast very dense shade.

Native to the Mediterranean, commonly growing on rocky soils in coastal situations it has proved highly drought and radiant heat tolerant. Requires a free draining soil to really be at its best.

Although the flowers of this tree are unisexual, there are occasions when flowers of both sexes occur on the same tree. In this situation there is some risk in planting specimens with an abundance of male flowers as these generally are malodorous.

Notable specimens can be located at Mont Albert Primary School (Melbourne, Vic), and Memorial Gardens (Mildura, Vic).

1997 Horticultural flora of south – eastern Australia. University of New South Wales Press. Vol.3, p.251

Typical mature height: 8-10m
Useful in: background foil, street tree
Sites for best growth: all well drained soils