Corymbia (Eucalyptus) maculata

Corymbia (Eucalyptus) maculata

Spotted Gum

[optinlocker]Corymbia maculata is another of the plants that is commonly seen in Melbourne. Its characteristic tall growth, spotted trunk and dark green foliage successfully integrate most architectural styles and blend well with almost all other plantings. Although not indigenous to the Melbourne area, it has been planted in Melbourne for such a long period, that it seems ‘native’.

Spotted Gum is a wider-spread species than C. citriodora, and the species overlap in their native ranges. C. maculata can be seen in the wild from Orbost in Victoria, all the way up to southern Queensland. It grows natively on sands to clay sands, but seems to tolerate the heavy clay soils of southern Victoria particularly well (seemingly somewhat better than C. citriodora). Spotted Gum will grow best in an exposed location, although it is not tolerant of severe frosts when a young tree under approximately 1.5m tall.

If grown in an area with humid, still air, C. maculata can suffer from fungal disfiguration of the leaves, but this Sooty Mold (Capnodium elongatum) usually is not a serious problem. Typically, this Mold results as a secondary pathogen from aphid feeding, and an exposed site will normally slow aphid feeding significantly.

Both the foliage and the trunks are beautiful with C. maculata, and make it an ideal choice where the space is available. Well-grown stock should grow quickly, and provide beautiful character within a few years after planting.[/optinlocker]

Typical mature height: to 20m in Melbourne

Useful in: broad streets, avenues, parks and reserves

Sites for best growth: moist-to-dry, coastal sands