Dracaena draco

Dracaena draco

Dragons Blood Tree

[optinlocker]As the common name suggests, this tree fits at home with the movie set of Dracula, or possibly Jurassic Park. The very distinctive flat topped and regularly arranged swollen branches of this tree make it a strikingly different specimen. The grey – green foliage, strong silver-smooth trunk, distinct creamy-white flowers in spikes, and the bright orange berries visually stand this tree apart from all others.

Even though the eventual broad canopy is significant, it can be used against buildings as a foil and in raised planter beds for strong architectural affect. Useful as a large park specimen where there is minimal and limited frost. In the right position this tree could make an astounding avenue planting.

The Waite Arboretum in Urrbrae, South Australia has two excellent mature specimens and use it’s outline as the distinguishing logo for the Arboreta and the friends group. An excellent plant![/optinlocker]

Typical mature height: 8m

Useful in: parks, large avenue plantings, and maritime plantings

Sites for best growth: significant reflective heat, well drained soils, locations with temperatures above -10C minimum.


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