Elaeocarpus eumundii

Eumundi Quandong or Smooth-leaved Quandong


This is most possibly the next “big thing” replacing Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ at the top of the fashionable list for screening and hedging. A very upright specimen that is useful along fence lines where dense screening is required and where there is limited space. Can also be used as a strong vertical element in landscape plantings in a manner similar to Cryptomeria japonica and Cupressus sempervirens without the eventual height.

E. eumundii  foliage is broader and far more lush than its cousin E. reticulatusand has highly attractive large bronze young growth. The mature foliage is a deep green lanceolate colour with broad serrated edges. During late – spring to early summer the tree carries clusters of sweetly scented cream flowers that are most attractive and appealing.
It may require a more sheltered or well-irrigated position to thrive. Requires a location relatively frost – free.

It is endemic to the North West Coast of NSW and heading north into Southern Queensland, but seems well suited to more southern regions.



Typical mature height: 8m (maximum 3m breadth)

Useful in: evergreen screen, planter boxes

Sites for best growth: deep fertile well – drained soils, full sun to part shade, frost free.