Eribotrya deflexa

Bronze Loquat

[optinlocker]Eribotrya deflexa is native to Japan and typically grows as a multi-trunked small tree with a rounded crown.  It has a dense canopy of glossy dark green leaves up to 200 mm long.  The new growth emerges as a handsome, shiny reddish bronze.  It has small (10 mm) yellow fruit that could cause some nuisance, depending on location.  It has a compact growth habit making it useful in restricted spaces and under wires and has been used for screening and hedging.  Once established the species has good tolerance of dry sites and it tolerates a wide range of soil pH, including alkaline soils. [/optinlocker]


Typical mature height: 5m in Melbourne

Useful in: Parks, reserves, streetscapes

Sites for best growth: Well-drained sites