Eucalyptus kitsoniana
Family: Gippsland Mallee

This is a very adaptable tree that can be grown as a multiple or single-trunked specimen. It grows quickly, allowing for quick establishment in the landscape. The small stature can be very useful as a planting under power lines. There is potential to manage this tree as a coppice, producing frangible stems suitable for freeway planting.

The long exfoliating bark and shiny appearance of the new bark (especially after rain), is highly ornamental. There will be some need to remove accumulated bark at the base of this mallee every year or so. New bark exhibits stunning pink, brown, yellow and green colours, and the moderately dense canopy allows for reasonable light to understorey plants. Flower colour varies between white to cream and occasionally pink.

A very tough tree suitable for most climatic zones in south-eastern Australia. It grows in isolated populations from Gippsland near Foster to the Lower Glenelg River in Western Victoria. Mature specimens can be seen at the Maranoa Gardens, Balwyn, and Burnley Gardens, Richmond Victoria.

Typical mature height: 5-8m in Melbourne

Useful in: streetscapes, planter boxes, freeways 

Sites for best growth: most, including waterlogged