Eucalyptus melliodora

Yellow Box

[optinlocker]E. melliodora is a widely-variable tree with a native range extending from southern Queensland to Victoria. It is indigenous to Melbourne and its suburbs. Some Yellow Box can be quite small, up to 10m, while other selections can grow to 30m. Typically, in cultivation, the tree is mid-sized, to 20m in height with a width of up to 8-10m.

Yellow Box grows best on soils that are acidic and well-drained. Authorities claim that Yellow Box will grow poorly if soils are alkaline, and these trees will struggle if waterlogged.

Although Yellow Box is too large for typical residential streets, it is ideal for major roads where an over-arching canopy is desired. The foliage is grey-green and elegant, and the flowers are very fragrant, white-to-cream, and flower in spring through summer. The bark is variable, fibrous to coarse, and usually fawn brown to dark brown. This bark is deciduous; in late summer the bark peels, revealing a smooth, white underbark. Some trees will retain this smooth-barked character.[/optinlocker]


Typical mature height: to 20m

Useful in: broad streets, parks

Sites for best growth: acid pH, well-drained