Eucalyptus radiata

Eucalyptus radiata

Narrow-leaved Peppermint

[optinlocker]E. radiata is very popular with urban horticulturists because of its compact crown, dense canopy and excellent form. It is proving itself to be an improved Peppermint for urban use; significantly better in streetscapes than E. nicholii. In Canberra, many avenues have been re-planted, and where eucalypts are appropriate, E. radiata has been the choice.

As a Peppermint, E. radiata has aromatic lanceolate leaves, a straight, rough-barked trunk, and semi-pendulous branches. The canopy is quite densely-branched, giving lush shade and a very definite form. The flowers appear in late spring and continue through until December or early January. These flowers are small and white, very profusely-borne.

E. radiata has an extended native range, growing from the tablelands of NSW into southern Victoria. The tree will grow on a wide variety of sites, both moist soils high in organic matter and poor, skeletal soils. It certainly will grow in most urban situations, although specific information regarding growth in highly-compacted sites is unknown.[/optinlocker]

Typical mature height: most to 20m

Useful in: broad streets, parks

Sites for best growth: tolerates most soils, conditions


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