Eucalyptus tricarpa
Family: Red Ironbark

Eucalyptus tricarpa is one of the ironbarks that is closely allied to E. sideroxylon. This species has been split off from the larger species in that it has larger fruits, and typically occurs in near-coastal areas. It does not have the showy red flowers of E. sideroxylon ‘Rosea’.

E. tricarpa is indigenous to the Melbourne area, with large stands found in Gippsland, Eltham and Anglesea. It is noted for its large size, very rough reddish-brown bark and massive secondary branches. Frequently these trees are found with co-dominant leaders, making them unsuitable for streetscapes, where single leaders are essential. Arborists also consider that E. tricarpa frequently sheds limbs under stress.

E. tricarpa will grow well in areas where skeletal or gravelly soils are found. It will grow relatively well with minimal summer irrigation once established. Because of its large size and form, this tree should be considered for reserves and parks where irrigation is restricted.

Typical mature height: 20m+

Useful in: parks, reserves

Sites for best growth: well-drained to dry soils