Fraxinus ornus

Fraxinus ornus

Flowering Ash

[optinlocker]Flowering Ash is a highly-regarded tree for south-eastern Australia, because of its relatively small form, excellent canopy development and elegant white panicles of flowers in mid-spring to summer.

F. ornus is free from major problems in the Australian landscape, and is suitable for growing on all well-drained soils. It seems to be fairly drought tolerant, and will tolerate growth, after establishment, without irrigation. Establishment takes a full 2 years; even in nursery growing, F. ornus is slow to develop roots, and requires significant irrigation (at least fortnightly) for 2 growing seasons for best establishment. This care during the establishment phase seems to be the success factor with F. ornus in south-eastern Australia.

Nursery notes:

Really a two-year tree best in 50-75 litre containers. In the first year, root growth is rather slow, and the canopies do not develop. In the second year, the root systems fill the containers, and the canopies begin to gain radial branches.[/optinlocker]

Typical mature height: to 10m

Useful in: parks, broad streetscapes

Sites for best growth: well drained, irrigated