Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Cimmzam’ & ‘Urbdell’

CimmaronTM and UrbaniteTM Ash

F. pennsylvanica is found throughout the eastern half of North America, and many selections have been taken from the south-western part of this range. These plants are tolerant of very cold winters (to -25°C), hot summers (to 35°C) and very wet springs. The species is also quite tolerant of compacted soils, and will grow well in river-bottom conditions.

‘Cimmzam’; this tree was selected in the US for its excellent branch structure. It grows to 13m tall, and is pyramidal when young, opening with age. It has dark green, shining foliage to 300mm long and the autumn foliage colour is exceptional—dark, rich red. Some say that this foliage will hold longer than others. An excellent functional tree for many sites.

‘Urbdell’: A rapidly-growing tree, probably to 15m, with strong branch attachment and little-to-no seed set. The tree is a proven performer in the US, and withstands that continent’s climatic extremes very well. The foliage of F. p. ‘Urbdell’ is large, lush ash foliage. It is pale grey-green from spring through early autumn, and when weather cools, it turns pale yellow to gold. It is easy to produce as a straight-leadered, strongly-branched tree that has smooth, pale-grey bark. Although not spectacular at any season, ‘Urbdell’ Ash is a handsome tree in the landscape.

Flemings Nurseries Pty Ltd has given a trademark to these tree cultivars —Cimmaron™ = ‘Cimmzam’ & Urbanite™ = ‘Urbdell’; but from any producer, they are the same; clonally-propagated F. pennsylvanica.

Typical mature height: 13-15m in Melbourne

Useful in: streetscapes, reserves and parks

Sites for best growth: most sites appropriate