Hakea selections

All three of these outstanding ornamental species are native to Western Australia (and South Australia in the case of H. francisiana). All have upright growth habits and long, narrow, silver-green leavesAll three species have spectacular flower spikes up to 150 mm long.

In the wild these species all grow on well-drained soils but Metropolitan Tree Growers are growing trees grafted on to Hakea salicifolia to provide wider soil tolerances for the cool, moister climates of south-eastern Australia.  These species all have good tolerance of heat and drought.  Grafted hakeas were first grown in the Melbourne area during the native plant boom in the 1970s in a range of locations.  An old planting at Darebin performed well for 30 years before being removed.  Their relatively small size suits them for use under power lines.

Hakea francisiana (Narukalja)
Leaves are typically 6 mm wide and flowers are deep pink.
Hakea bucculenta (Red Pokers)
Leaves are typically 6 mm wide and flowers are bright orange-red.
Hakea coriacea (Pink Spike Hakea)
Leaves are typically 6 mm wide and flowers are cream and pink.

Typical mature height: 4m in Melbourne

Useful in: Parks, reserves, streetscapes

Sites for best growth: Warm to hot, reasonable drainage