Acacia implexa


Typical mature height: in cultivation to 10m

Useful in: streetscapes, parks, reserves 

Sites for best growth: tolerates many sites well

Acacia melanoxylon


Typical mature height: to 20m in cultivation

Useful in: broad streetscapes, reserves, parks

Sites for best growth: moist, well-drained

Acmena smithii

Lilly Pilly

Typical mature height:  variable, to 15m

Useful in: streetscapes, avenues, screening 

Sites for best growth: moisture-retentive, irrigated

Agonis flexuosa

Willow Myrtle

Typical mature height:  to 12m

Useful in: streetscapes 

Sites for best growth: sandy, poor soilsAgonis flexuosa

Allocasuarina littoralis

Black Sheoak

Typical mature height:  to 8m

Useful in: height-restricted areas, as screening 

Sites for best growth: moist-to-dry, well-drained

Allocasuarina torulosa

Forest Oak, Rose Sheoak

Typical mature height:  5-12m in Melbourne

Useful in: streetscapes, reserves and parks

Sites for best growth: 

Allocasuarina verticillata

Drooping Sheoak

Typical mature height:  variable 5 to 10m

Useful in: height-restricted poor soils 

Sites for best growth: most sites appropriate

Angophora costata

Smooth-barked Apple

Typical mature height:  20m

Useful in: streetscapes, parks 

Sites for best growth: all with free drainage

Angophora hispida

Dwarf Apple

Typical mature height:  8m

Useful in: restricted space streetscapes 

Sites for best growth: all with free drainage

Araucaria heterophylla

Norfolk Island Pine

Typical mature height:  30m+

Useful in: streetscapes, avenues, foreshores 

Sites for best growth: well-drained, sands

Arbutus species

Madrone, Strawberry Tree

Typical mature height:  6-9m

Useful in: parks & display plantings

Sites for best growth: well-drained, some irrigation