Pyrus fauriei ‘Westwood’
Family: Westwood Asian Pear

Pyrus fauriei is native to Korea and is a small, wide tree with a dense glossy canopy and good autumn colour.  It has 1 cm, inedible, black fruits.  Like most pears it has some tolerance of poor drainage and heavy soils and is expected to have some tolerance of drought but, as a new introduction, is not yet fully evaluated under Australian conditions.

‘Westwood’ is a selection of P. fauriei that was made in Oregon and was introduced into Australia by Fleming’s Nurseries.  It has a neat habit with good autumn colour and the general tolerances of the species.  It should be a useful alternative to the P. calleryana cultivars in spaces that are more restrictive and could be planted under power lines.  It can be grown as a standard, or hedged.

Typical mature height: 4m in Melbourne

Useful in: Parks, reserves, streetscapes 

Sites for best growth: Widely adapted