Quercus cerris
Family: Turkey Oak

TTurkey Oak is a small-leaved, round-headed oak that originates in Asia minor and eastern Europe. From reading successful planting records, you can find that Turkey Oak has grown well on a number of sites with significant climatic variability.

The tree has small foliage that is intermediate in shape between the well-recognised Q. robur and Q. palustris, having slightly rounded lobes with moderately deep sinuses. These leaves are slightly hairy and have a moderate texture, slightly thicker than Q. palustris. Occasionally, you will find some infestation with Powdery Mildew, but it is not as heavy as Q. robur’s infestations. Unfortunately, Oak Blotch Miner can cause unattractive infestations in mid-summer.

Turkey Oak is relatively slow-growing but successful in a wide range of soils. It grows very well in Canberra, has performed well in St. Arnaud, and grows well in several Melbourne sites. It does not have the beautiful autumn colour of Q. rubra, instead it turns yellow-to-bronze before dropping. This is not the showiest or most magnificent of the oaks, but instead may be the most reliable on a wide number of sites.


Typical mature height: to 30m

Useful in: parks, broad streets 

Sites for best growth: Seemingly anywhere