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Banksia ‘Giant Candles’

‘Giant Candles’ Banksia

Typical mature height: to 5m

Useful in: streetscapes, as display  

Sites for best growth: all well-drained, in full sun

Banksia integrifolia

Coast Banksia

Typical mature height: to 15m in cultivation

Useful in: width-restricted areas 

Sites for best growth: most soils, both wet and sandy

Banksia marginata

Silver Banksia

Typical mature height: MTG provenances 5-8m

Useful in: streetscapes, as display 

Sites for best growth: all well-drained, in full sun to semi-shade

Brachychiton acerifolius and hybrids

Illawara Flame Tree & Griffith Pink

Typical mature height: Typically 8-20m

Useful in: parks, nature strips, carparks 

Sites for best growth: many, including hostile

Brachychiton populneus

Kurrajong Bottle Tree

Typical mature height:  5 – 15m

Useful in: parks, carparks, nature strips

Sites for best growth: High – low fertile soils, good drainage

Brachychiton rupestris

Bottle Tree

Typical mature height: 20m

Useful in: Parks, reserves, streetscapes 

Sites for best growth: Well-drained soils, but generally widely adapted

Callistemon hybrids

‘Harkness’ & ‘Kings Park Special’ (Bottlebrush)

Typical mature height: to 6m (‘Harkness’)

Useful in: streetscapes, reserves & parks 

Sites for best growth: many site conditions

Callistemon salignus

Willow Bottlebrush

Typical mature height: 7m

Useful in: height-restricted areas 

Sites for best growth: all with reasonable irrigation

Calodendrum capense

Cape Chestnut

Typical mature height: 10m

Useful in: Parks, reserves, streetscapes

Sites for best growth: Well drained soils, access to some summer water

Casuarina cunninghamiana

River Sheoak

Typical mature height: in Melbourne to 20m

Useful in: streetscapes, avenues, mass plantings

Sites for best growth: reasonably well-drained

Ceanothus arboreus ‘Trewithen Blue’

Trewithen Blue Island Ceanothus

Typical mature height: 5m

Useful in: Parks and reserves and possibly some street plantings 

Sites for best growth: Best with well-drained sites

Ceratonia siliqua

Carob or St John’s Bread

Typical mature height: 

Useful in: background foil, street tree

Sites for best growth: all well drained soils

Cercis chinensis 

Avondale Chinese Redbud

Typical mature height: 3m

Useful in: Parks, reserves, small streets.

Sites for best growth: Well drained sites with some irrigation over Summer

Cinnamomum camphora


Typical mature height: 20m

Useful in: mature streetscapes 

Sites for best growth: most, ample water best

Corymbia (Eucalyptus) citriodora

Lemon-scented Gum

Typical mature height: to 20m in Melbourne

Useful in: avenues, parks

Sites for best growth: most soil types, full sun

Corymbia (Eucalyptus)

Yellow Bloodwood

Typical mature height: most often 12m in Melbourne

Useful in: streetscapes, avenues, parks 

Sites for best growth: most soil types, full sun

Corymbia (Eucalyptus) 

Red-flowering Gum

Typical mature height: to 15m

Useful in: streetscapes, parks 

Sites for best growth: all with free drainage

Corymbia (Eucalyptus) 

Spotted Gum

Typical mature height: to 20m in Melbourne

Useful in: broad streets, avenues, parks and reserves 

Sites for best growth: moist-to-dry, coastal sands

Dracaena draco

Dragons Blood Tree

Typical mature height: 8m

Useful in: parks, large avenue plantings, and maritime plantings 

Sites for best growth: significant reflective heat, well drained soils, locations with temperatures above -10C minimum