Our story

MetroTrees was established 20 years ago with the overriding ambition of growing trees that had the best contemporary thinking and practices incorporated into our production. 

There is no substitute for quality. Our philosophy of tree growing means that we spend more time on tree pruning (of both roots and the shoot system).This approach adds to our production costs but we absolutely believe that there is no substitute for this attention in the nursery.

Our credentials

Our trees perform in locations throughout south-eastern Australia, from iconic landscapes to local streets and parks near you.

Our stock grows in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, Royal Parade, the Melbourne Tennis Centre, Geelong’s Eastern Beach, Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour, and multiple Botanic Gardens. Our trees grow in parks, and as street trees, from Adelaide to Sale, and from Blairgowrie to Wodonga.

We grow high-quality trees for Councils, Public Authorities, Landscapers and Developers, and large scale private owners. We specialise in the production of suitable species and selections for streetscapes and other public open space.

Responding to the challenges of climate change 

Since the late 1800s, the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide has been steadily rising. 
It is widely understood that this increase will change the climate of the planet. 

Australian Bureau of Meteorology has data that shows that since 1950 temperatures in Australia have risen by approximately 1oC+. 

Rainfall has also altered but this pattern is not uniform.  The south east of the country has dried but the northwest is wetter.

By 2050, some estimates have the temperature rising by as much as 5oC.  A rise of 2oC would give Melbourne a temperature regime like that currently experienced in Mildura.  A rise of 5oC gives Melbourne a temperature regime like that of Alice Spring’s.

Trees that do not tolerate drought will be most at risk unless reliable alternative water sources are available for irrigation. 

The Millennium drought event (1997-2009) cannot be ascribed to climate change but the climatic conditions that existed during that period can be used for a model for future climates. 

Planning for climate change will require that one attempts to think about the conditions that a newly planted tree will be potentially facing in 30 or 40 years, as it reaches its maturity. 

At Metro Trees we have been modifying our stock lists for a number of years now to reflect the changing world.  In particular, species with poor drought tolerance are no longer part of our marketing plan

Why buy from us?

Metropolitan Tree Growers have the best trees for Melbourne conditions – we are Melbourne specialists and understand the needs for this area.

We are root-conscious producers. All trees are grown in SpinOut®-treated or Rocket Pot®, low-profile containers that minimise root spiralling and produce superior root system conformation. We manage the tree from propagation to final form to reduce root deformation, and root-prune at all transplanting stages to give high root mass and many root initials in the trees you buy.

We grow the appropriate size trees for the containers we use. Trees grown in 16 litre containers are between 1.4 and 1.6 metres in height; trees grown in 40 and 50 litre containers are between 2.2 and 3.0 metres tall; trees grown in 75 litre containers are between 3.0 and 4.0 metres tall; trees grown in 95 litre containers are between 3.5 and 4.5 metres high; trees grown in 600 – 1000 litre Super Advanced litre containers are between 5.5 to 8.0 metres high.

Canopy development is important. We prune all trees to develop the best canopy possible. Repeated pruning and development of structural branches assures best growth in the landscape with minimal future pruning. We stake selectively to give straight trunks with an appropriate trunk taper.

We are specialist growers for Councils and Public Authorities. We grow plant sizes, forms, and varieties to suit streetscape and public needs.

We are located close to your needs, and can arrange delivery of any size order promptly.
Metropolitan Tree Growers Pty Ltd is a professional horticultural company, dedicated to the highest standards of horticulture and giving you the best trees, service and value.

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